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New released Pocketbook

Simple Powerful Hidden Secret Statements Revealed!  It will transform your life!


The Recent Research Proves our Statements in our Thoughts are the Key to our Success and CAN be Reprogrammed!

This book could change your life!

Statements of Power Intro

With "Statements of Power" keys, you can achieve the breakthrough you want that will improve your relationships, conversations, money beliefs, business, career and all other aspects of your life to a new level by applying this amazing book to your thoughts and conversations.

Changing statements in your thoughts will change your life!

"Have you been wondering and struggling for a very long time as to why you have been attracting negativity to yourself and other people?"

Your life today is the result of all your previous thinking. If you feel dissatisfied, unfulfilled or unhappy, chances are, it’s a result of your own negative statements.

So if you want a different life in the future, you’ve got to change the negative statements in your thoughts today.


"Here's how you can improve your relationships, conversations, business, finances and all other areas of your life: by practicing the statements we offer in the "Statements of Power" guidebook."


Do not leave this pocket sized guidebook on the book shelf to let it collect dust!!!

Carry it with you everywhere in your pocket or purse;
look up your statements daily to assist you in re-training your mind.

This pocket sized guidebook is your friend, that you can benefit by it’s conventional wisdom and advice

  • You have to learn how to exercise your mind and become mentally fit by feeding your mind with clean, clear, positive statements in your thoughts to make your life the way you want it.
  •  The statements in your mind is largely habitual – in the same way not exercising is a habit. If you change your habits in either of these areas, you can change your life.
  • When you read and look up in the pocket sized “Statements of Power” guide book you will find the most common negative statements listing and the positive statements to assist you in exercising your mind.It may not be easy to change your negative statements in your thoughts, but the results are well worth it. When you learn how to turn negatives into positive statements in every area of your life, you will become more confident, more flexible, and infinitely more successful. Are you ready?

Get started now by ordering “Statements of Power” -- the BRAND-NEW pocket guidebook.

For Only $7.95! With Free Shipping!

Click Here to Order Your Copy Today

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This pocket guidebook is almost completely sold out, so make sure you grab your copy today!

A sneak peek of the pocket sized guidebook!

No matter where you are, you too can experience success and happiness, by applying a few positive statements to your thoughts and conversations from this guidebook.

There are statements in our thoughts and conversations surrounding you every day that attracts what you don't want, however you may not be aware of the negative statements that is representing your current life situation.

Once you practice these power statements in this breakthrough guidebook, your eyes will be opened for the first time, and you will finally be able to see why you have been attracting negativity to yourself and other people.

Imagine no more worrying about your thoughts and conversation spoken. Imagine all your negative statements will melt away, you will realize that you hold the keys to happiness, success, what you want and manifestion in your life.

Imagine all of that fear of saying something negative is going to suddenly melt away and you’re going to realize that you can break the old blueprint to the new blueprint to get anything you want in your life.

Now you can exercise the new positive statements to overcome the negative statements that had a hold on you.  You can get rid of the feelings of guilt that may have been programmed into you from an early age.

Did you know Scientists discovered and know how the statements we speak in our brain and the vocal sounds vibrations are responsive between your inner (implicit) thoughts and conscious (explicit) thoughts how we say the statements is WAY more important than they ever thought possible. ESPECIALLY when it comes to our relationships, financial needs and lifestyle. You will be astonished when you read the details in the guidebook!

Once you purchase your guidebook, you will have access to the same information that changed so many people llives! See our endorser's testimonies for your verification.

It is the most insightful, eyeopening, and life changing pocket guidebook that you can take anywhere , whenever you need it! An ulitmate guide on changing the way you think before speaking to manifest more positive outcomes to your life and self esteem. When applied daily your circumstances changes. ~HeideH.

The secrets revealed in Statements of Power are based on statements obtained by researching the lives of over 100 people. These time-tested theories and practices have been proven to improve and enrich the lives of people from all over the world, and in all situations

Do you wake up every day wishing to become successful in your relationship, business, career and life and get the respect you deserve? You are reading this because you are searching for a better life, however you may not have taken the first step towards realizing your statements.

If this is the case, you should know that you are not alone

Your statements in your thoughts are both the words you hear in your mind and the words you speak out loud will manifest your outcomes. Your life is in your hands. No matter what has happened in your life, you can begin to consciously choose your positive statements in your thoughts. This will change your life. We attract the things that we say in our head before we speak out.

REMEMBER: This offer is only available for the next few days, or until we completely run out, so grab your copy today! For only $7.95!  With Free Shipping!   Order here

(if link does not work, click on Buy Now button below at the bottom of the page.)

What will you get with Statements of Power pocket guidebook?

*Everything you need to become truly successful

The only thing that has been holding you back from living the life that you deserve is the simple fact that you just don’t have the information, motivation, training and awareness to get started. There are other books and resources that would teach how to think positive, however part of the information would be retained and applied or forgotten or put on bookshelf collecting dust.  Afterawhile, our old habits would sneak back and wonder why you did not attract what you want. 

Just like everyone else, you need help from the pocket guidebook and some of the most successful people who ever lived... giving you the insight and the help that you need to meet all your goals and make all your dreams come true.

It’s a simple fact that the best way to become the successful that you deserve is to listen to real positive people who have been there before, and who have discovered the secrets that can shift your life into high gear.

*True success is NEVER about just making money…

You are going to discover secrets to making money....improve your relationships, career, business and personal life…

But making money isn’t the only thing that you need to become truly happy and to live the life of your dreams.

You are also going to get the training and advice that you need to improve your relationships, career, business, your attraction, your thoughts, and speaking abilities, your finances and even your spiritual growth.

*The mastery of success...

It is revealed in “Statements of Power” pocket guidebook.  You cannot find it anywhere else, it is a special edition written in original text in a modern, easy-to-read format, and adapted to the 21st century; as a result, it is easier to understand, and you will be able to see how the information relates to your life.

Just find your common statements and read the positive statements – then digest it, put it into action, practice it till it becomes clear to you and for the first time in your life, you may begin to enjoy success like never before!

Take action order your copy today!  For only $7.95 with Free Shipping!  Click Here

(if link does not work, click on Buy Now button below at the bottom of the page.)

In addition you still need support and help too….

If you are ever going to grow, make your life better and reach all of your dreams then you need support, help and advice from time to time.

The real question is are you ready to get the advice, help, support and information you need to become more successful than you ever dreamed?

Most professional and ambitious people are in the same situation; they want to continue to achieve more and climb higher, but they somehow get stuck in a rut.

You have all the dreams, and you are passionate and capable enough to achieve them - but you have no idea how to get to that next level of success. You simply don’t know how to take that next step.


And that is not your fault!


No one has ever worked with you and shown you the way to ultimate success.

No one has ever given you the secrets or the training that you need to take you career, your relationship, and your life to that next level.

The “Statements of Power” mentoring program can give you the information you need to take the next step, and realize greater levels of success.  Do you want more respect more success and more freedom?

Isn’t it time for you to get the security and the support that you need to become a REAL success?

Isn’t it time for you to finally get an easy way to discover the secret to success, and the proven path to getting it all?

Are you ready to uncover the simple ways that you can change your life and overcome any challenge with ease?

Are you ready to finally get started living your dreams and enjoying the life that you deserve?

Sign-Up for the Statements of Power Mentoring Program Right Now!



No more self-limiting statements.

Attract “positive” to yourself.

You can harmonize humanity!

But meanwhile, you can put the new breakthrough to work for you right now!

For only $7.95!

Free Shipping! (For a limited time)
And Get your Free "Statements of Power" Inspirational quotes E-Book.
Please Note:  If someone has referred you to our book, please type in the referrer ID number in the "Special Instruction to the seller" box in paypal upon ordering.


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