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Testimonies about the book:


“Wow! This book is awesome. This book is life changing in the way it reveals the simple power statements to transform the way we think and speak.”

~Greg Reid

Author -Three Feet from Gold




“Heide has done such a wonderful job with this book, "Law of Attraction - Statements of Power".  I can honestly say that student taught teacher here!  Statements of Power is filled with all sorts of gems.  Heide has defined secrets to fulfilling the Laws of Attraction.  By retraining yourself to think and speak positively, the outcome you will have will astound you.  Great Job Heide!”

~Robb Nunn, PGA Professional

Author-Quantum Success Factor




“I loved it! What a tremendously simple but powerful book. I am going to incorporate many of your suggestions into my speeches and sales presentations most definitely!! By focusing on owning our words first, the desired outcome will follow. This book is filled with tremendously simple yet powerful phrases ready to revamp your life!"


~Tracey C. Jones

President/Tremendous Life Books




 “Your use of the Positive Power Statements found inside this book will transform you into a more empowered person and lead you to greater success.”

~Jeff Fagin

 CEO Caliber Company

The Wealth Development Company




“Heide has been an inspiration since I met her.  Her spirit has shown me that the way I express myself can prevent me from moving forward in my life.  Her power statements are an excellent daily reminder that we have the power to change our lives, along with the ability to move into our dreams.  If you seek that extra push, read Heide’s power statements and use them on a daily basis to transform your language which will transform your life.”

~Ray Barber
Author and CEO of Chi Solutions


“Read and reread these power statements.   You can overcome any challenge or adversity with the right mental outlook.”

~John E. Martincic

CEO, Forest Scientific Corp.

Author-More for the Underpaid




“The words and the thoughts of Heide will live on for many generations as a book that both inspires and motivates people at every stage of life.  Whether you are wealthy or poor, hearing or deaf, you will want to keep this book handy so it will lift your spirits as it has lifted mine.”

~Dr. Wes Waddle

Certified Mortgage Banker




“Before I read Heide's book "LOA Statements of Power" I had no idea my belief system and words were affecting attracting (or is it effecting?) what I really want in my life. Now after finishing her book, I began to make the changes needed to clear my past behavior and now after just a few weeks I have already seen positive changes each and every day. Thank you Heide.”

~Jonathon Aslay

Relationship Confidant




“Never underestimate the power of a thought. It's the genesis of all that we say and do, and the world we create. Heide's eBook is a concise course on aligning the words and metaphors you use to describe yourself. Applying this will allow you to attract more of what you are looking for."

~ Warren Whitlock

Social Media Marketing Strategist




"Heidi has done it!  This book will change your life.  Are you getting the results you want?  If not, try using the amazing book and powerful system to turn your thoughts and actions into gold.   You will not be disappointed!" 

~Ken D. Foster
Author-Ask And You Will Succeed
CEO Premier Coaching.com


“What a great little book you have created here.  So often we think we are using the Law of Attraction, but then wonder why our results are less than desirable. 

     You have powerfully shown that often what is in our way are the language patterns we use.  Unfortunately, most people use words and phrases almost unconsciously, so in reading your book, the opportunity is there to catch the less than positive thought or belief, and turn it into what we REALLY desire, instead of spending time and energy focusing on what we don’t want to create.

     I love how you give both the negative examples and then new language to help your readers make the correction immediately.

      This is a nice resource for anyone who wants to shift how they feel, who they are, and what they believe by using the Law of Attraction.  Good job!”

~Therese Skelly

Business Coach and Mindset Marketing Expert




“When you use this powerful book on a daily basis, your life WILL transform. Heide has put together one of the most simple and applicable ways to achieve whatever it is we want out of life. Being the Founder of the Law of Attraction Center and attracting major media outlets a few times over, I can attest to the power of our language and self-talk as I have watched my life and hundreds of lives transform throughout the years. Take your life on, and bring this book with you!" 

~Brad Axelrad

Consultant, Event Producer &

 Connector of Visionaries Worldwide




“Heide truly understands the awareness of her thoughts and the actions associated with their outcome. She is a wonderful example of the power of thoughts and statements and the Law of Attraction. She shares in this book clearly so others can enjoy and utilize these tools for their own life success.”

~Shellie Hunt

Life Coach, Entrepreneur

White Sage Media.com

 Author -Success is by Design



“Heide's "Law of Attraction: Statements of Power" shows you how to set yourself up for success, one statement at a time. A highly recommended read!”

~Alex Ong
Inspirational Speaker & Coach
Author - Mind Your Own Wellness


“Your ability to change your words will change your thoughts, which will change your actions, which will change your life. Your words have great power. Choose them wisely. This book will show you how.”

~Lauren Solomon

Author – Image Matters! First Steps on the Journey to Your Best Self



Lauren Solomon

Author – Image Matters! First Steps on the Journey to Your Best Self



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